The Mortgage Centre /Sky Financial Corp is an award winning company for the past 10 years.

Our mission is to continue to grow as one of Canada’s leading mortgage brokerage companies.

To stay at the forefront of Canada’s ever-expanding mortgage industry,
The Mortgage Centre recruits the country’s most accomplished mortgage professionals. As a Mortgage Associate you are in the business of saving consumers time, frustration and money on their mortgage, while providing truly unbiased advice and information.
To fulfill this role, you must have extensive experience and knowledge relating to residential mortgages. You must be highly service oriented and customer focused. And you must be flexible enough to provide service beyond regular office hours and locations. To assist you in your role as a facilitator, The Mortgage Centre furnishes you with Canada’s most powerful mortgage origination software.

This collection of the country’s leading lenders allows you to take a single electronic application, a single credit check and instantly apply to multiple lenders.What’s more, your highly efficient, professional services cost your client nothing – there’s simply no better way for a consumer to get a better deal!
To further support your efforts, The Mortgage Centre offers a comprehensive training program, advanced technology, ongoing administrative support and unique marketing programs. Successful applicants should have 2 to 5 years related experience and be comfortable working with a wide network of referral sources, including realtors and home builders.

Here’s what we offer when you join our team:
• Training and ongoing Support.
• State of the Art Website.
• Get more credibility with a strong brand; Mortgage Centre has been in the industry for more than 25 years.
• We encourage a team environment for solutions to your deals.
• High Commission/volume bonus.
• Access to numerous lenders.
• Latest Technology in Mortgage Processing
• State of the art Office voice mail with paging system
• Medical / Dental Plan
• Error & Omission coverage
• You will receive support, advice, and on-going coaching from a well-established, reputable mortgage broker